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He began Chinese martial arts in 1993 at the Temple School of Kungfu, where he began to learn a style of Hongjiaquan/Hungga Kuen, (Hong/Hung' family style) one of the well known southern Chinese styles, then he went on to learn a style of Nantanglangquan (Southern Praying Mantis style). His teacher, Sifu Dr Leung learned 2 different styles of Nantanglangquan.


He started to study TaiJiQuan in 2003 and started his own classes in 2009. That foundation helped him to appreciate just how much thought and time the developers of Tai Chi Chuan/Taijiquan must have put in to the system for it still to be relevant to this day and age. But he has not forgotten his roots in Hongjiaquan and he still practises the Liujiaquan/Laugarkuen (Lau's family fist), the first kungfu form he ever learned.


School Training forms, workshops, styles etc)-: laugarkuen, sampochin, lohanquan, sampoyeokiu, sampopaikiu,  sampopikkiu, kungzifuhuquan, ng long bat gwa gwan, hongjiajian, sanzhanquan, neigong and qigong in the UK. 

He has trained Xingqishu, Daoyinshu and Taijiquan in Hong kong, Ireland, Slovakia and UK.



Non-school workshops: aikido, bagua zhang bodywork, capoeira, kickboxing, jujitsu, stage & screen combat (unarmed, single sword, rapier & dagger), chen & yang taichichuan, wingchunkuen, sports coaching, teaching of adults, exercise and fitness.



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7-8pm beginners/everyone

(No classes on UK Bank Holidays)




St Hilda's Church

Brockley Rd (Courtrai Rd)

Crofton Park

London SE23 1PL


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